The Eating Art

A food guide for allergy sufferers

Day 3 – let the baking begin!

I blame the memory of my mum letting me lick the beaters clean when we made a cake together for my obsession with baking. As a four year old, I would get so excited when we whipped up a soft, moist chocolate cake, but honestly, the best part was the batter that was left in the mixing bowl. Getting it on your face, licking your lips, I often wondered why we even had to cook the thing when it tasted so good raw.

If I could change careers, I would probably try my hand at cake making, decorating, opening up a little boutique store. But when you have an allergy to most things cakes are made from, that may prove a little difficult. That is unless I can perfect paleo or allergy conscious cakes and treats.

So it was with excitement on Day 3 of the challenge that I decided to bake bread – of the banana variety. And who doesn’t love bread?! If you’re anything like me, I love bagels, French sticks fresh out of the oven from the bakery, rye sourdough topped with butter for breakfast, slices dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar at Italian restaurants….I digress with my thoughts of yeast and wheat….

Waking up on day 3, my stomach felt so flat! Don’t go imagining a thin girl in a polka dot bikini… My definition of a flat stomach still involves it being covered by a t-shirt or running into the water as fast as I can. I’ll always have a little pot belly, but on Day 3, I wasn’t sporting the “OMG I feel pregnant ” kinda look.

I tucked into my banana and strawberries, washed it down with my coffee and almond milk (I must say, I’m growing to truly enjoy this stuff!) and then started researching some paleo banana bread recipes.

After scouring through more than 20 recipes, my mouth watering, i settled on this one from The Comfy Belly. I had no idea how it would turn out as I have never baked with almond or coconut flour before.

The recipe was so easy to follow, I didn’t use an electric mixer but just mixed by hand, used honey instead of maple syrup and threw half a cup of fresh raspberries into the batter. Sliding it into the hot oven, I eagerly watched it through the glass oven door for 40 minutes. Did I lick the bowl clean like I used to as a child as I waited? You betcha! And you know what? It tasted amazing. Seriously.



It cooked perfectly in 40 minutes. Fresh out of the oven, I ate a piece while it was still hot because I don’t like to wait. And it was moist and sweet. You could hardly tell that it didn’t contain regular flour. Hello paleo baking, I might just love you. I never thought I would give up my brown butter banana bread recipe from Joy the Baker, but perhaps I will when it turns out as scrumptious as this:


That was my lunch sorted for Day 3. Now my attention turned to dinner…potato pancakes. Pancakes aren’t paleo you say? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, they are still unprocessed and that makes them ok for me. I’ll share these and the recipe in my next post.


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